Highest gmod hours?

I was seeing if we can all tell each other what our hours of gmod is, cause frankly people are calling me a noob yet im not sure if i am from hours, as a starter i have 4164

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you can still be a minge even if you have 4164 hours… could be that you were minging those entire 4164 hours

CapsAdmin haves over 10000.

Mingery=4000 hours
Being a real person=5 hours
Being AFK= 159 hours

Heh, just kidding. I only have 547 hours and I’m the owner of a community.

I dont give a shit how many hours you have!:suicide:

541, Sizemore is beating me by 6.

1389 hours on record.

1501 hours.

80 :s
im such a nerd :stuck_out_tongue:

Please refrain from using emotes such as the ones you used here. Also, proper spelling and capitalization is pretty much required to post on Facepunch well.


2312 hours clocked and I feel I don’t play it enough. There is also time spent in Garrysmod 9 that I enjoyed to the fullest.


Although it’s mainly from when I first started playing Gmod.

There was a point however when I started to begin to see the H.U.D. while in life, and some out-of-body trying to use aswd and mouse controls while in-person for a few weeks.

This same affect happened to me with Minecraft a couple weeks into it. Then I stopped playing and took a break from gaming altogether to spend more time with my beautiful girlfriend. Now it loos like GMOD is dying.

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Also, just noticed and read OP. Guessing he means 41 hours, and added the 64 to appear better.

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Also, his is avatar a goaste piece?

2998 I believe. Heh, you can be quite addicted to GMod. Then have a massive break. Then return and get addicted again.

I just wish there were some nice servers up.

6009 hours.

3530 Hours Played.

1500 hours roughly.

Also, emotes like :wink: :slight_smile: :s can be used wherever the fuck he wants…

The only people who get angry at people using traditional emotes are troubled teens with too many sticks up there arse. I’ve probably used :wink: and :slight_smile: longer than you’ve used the internet, so kindly bite my shiny metal computer chair.