Highly detailed Krystal into SFM

Okay, so I found a Maya model of Krystal, but the format is peculiar to say the least, .mb format or Maya Binary Format. Is it feasible to convert this to .mdl along with an IK (inverse kinematics) rig into Source Filmmaker? Or is that format so convoluted that it would be nearly impossible? I would love to see that in SFM, if anyone can help with porting, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you :smile:

Model source http://f.krystalarchive.com/other/GreyFireFox_Krystal_Rig_1.4.zip

Looking at the website (Which you didn’t actually link in favour of a hotlink that triggers a “Forbidden” error. Great job!), it relies on special Maya-only fur-rendering plugins to look right.

So, no. Probably not happening.

You could convert the fur into polygons, and probably get source to support it.
Well, assuming source handles a couple of hundred million polygons on one model, of course.

Whoops, will fix that in the OP, here’s the download page, the respective links are on there: http://krystalarchive.com/3d/greyfirefoxrig/

That bad, eh? That sucks, I figured that I’d at least ask, heh.

Damn, I was afraid of that, oh well. I figured I’d at least ask about it first. Now, what about the other Krystal models, i.e the one from Garry’s Mod, which is a port of the Gamecube Star Fox Adventures model? The one for GMod lacks a proper IK rig and doesn’t work very well at all. The inverse kinematics don’t work properly, i.e. there is no way to control the tail or fingers.

Click the cog on the animationset editor and click “Show Hidden whatevers”. You may also want to right click the animationset and click Utilities > Bake Procedural Bones to get full control of jigglebones.

Tried that, there are absolutely no bones for her fingers or her toes, not to mention no controls for her jawbone either, it’s quite frustrating. I don’t think the Gmod version of Krystal has jiggle bones. Here’s the original model http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173564724

It’s simply not meant for Source Filmmaker really, hence why I wanted to someone at least look at it, you know? Don’t really care about jiggle bones, I just want to be able to control fingers, but no matter where I looked, even under the hand hierarchy, all I see are"pos" and “trans” no fingers. It really has a crappy IK rig. Is it possible to redo the inverse kinematics?