Highly Experienced Server Developers Seeking A New Community

Hello, my name is Brandon! My partner Jory and I are highly experienced developers for GMod! We can do pretty much anything. We are open to all gamemodes but we specialize in TTT and DarkRP. We create a variety of things ranging from weapons to super high tech scripts. We have been apart of another Community before and figured it was time for change. The two of us work very well together so it wont be a problem. We have tons of examples and really cool things that we could show off. All we ask in return is a Senior Developer rank / title and the respect and thanks for everything that we will do to help you. We are doing this purely because we enjoy making and doing things that other people enjoy. If you are interested please contact myself or Jory. Our steam names are: Dakyller (myself) and AssMuffin (My partner).

Email contacts:

Brandon: dakyller@hotmail.com
Jory: jorster23@hotmail.com

Skype contacts:

Brandon: dakyller
Jory: jorster23

Thank you for your time :).

The second developer in this is me. We have experience in pretty much everything lua related, so we can do most things you wish.

www.impactedservers.com - If you’re interested.

Hey, could you tell us a little bit about your community? Like size, servers you have, and that kind of stuff, just so we can get a feel for it.

You could honestly figure all that out just by visiting the forums.

Looks like a great offer. Would you happen to have skype so we can talk about this? If you do, add me: dakyller.

Why not just do something on your own?

Also, any portfolio you have to show off?

I hate it when people call themself “highly experienced” or “highly professional” without even having anything to show for it.

No, I don’t have a skype but I certainly have steam.

It takes 5 minutes to get a quick portfolio together. If you really are experienced this should be something you just provide instinctively.

Though people do take developing addons for the game stupendously seriously. It’s actually a bit weird sometimes.

Want some evidence? Add me on skype. -Dakyller

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Im not going to show off our work to the public yet, we are only going to show people who are willing to take us.

I think people would prefer it if you just posted some screenshots quickly than going to the hassle of adding you on skype

If you’re serious about being hired, you need at least some sort of public portfolio.

True, I’ll put some of our good work, not our best so people can just steal our codes and run.

You wouldn’t need to show code, either description or screenshots would do.

Yeah, by portfolio we don’t mean we want you to publicly release your work. Just publicly showcase it.

Descriptions, pictures, videos, anything but the actual code. How do you think people in industry show their work for other companies? You need to at least tell people what you’ve done in the past so they can look it up.

Most of the people I’ve seen claiming to be “highly experienced” but weren’t willing to publicly show off their work ended up just trying to pass off other people’s work as their own. People who have spent a lot of time working on something are normally proud enough of it that they want to show everybody how cool it is.

Oh god I’m dying. Just post some proof or your portfolio. We don’t need to see your code, just the finished product.

I am possibly interested in this. Added you 2 to discuss about it more.