[Highly Paid] Player Model Request

Hello people!

I am looking for a modeller to make a custom (human) player model for both me and the community to use.
Money is on the agenda! I will pay $100+ for the completed asset (depending on what we agree on).

I was hoping I could get someone who can decompile a model based on the Black Mesa Source Scientist here: http://wiki.blackmesasource.com/Scientist or Nick from L4D2 http://www.l4d.com/survivors/nick/. Then model a custom face, add a strap to the model, reskin it and then rig it so then it can be used as a player model.
Of course we will need permission first in order to get the model from the creator.

○ The player model must work in Portal 2
○ The player model must work in Garry’s Mod (as both a player model and working ragdoll with the newest version)
○ The model must work in the Source Filmaker
○ You or someone else will need to create the custom skin
○ Anyone can use the model - however creative licenses & ownership still apply if you specify so.

If you can do a custom animation for it, I would be grateful too, however this is completely unecessary.

If you believe you can do this and want to hop on the project, PM me on ThinkingWithPortals or email me at chickenmobile(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Do not PM me on facepunch (I wont notice it), replying to this thread is fine.

It won’t be noticed here as much as it would in the modeling section (http://www.facepunch.com/forumdisplay.php?f=40)

/me salutes