[Highly Paid] Player Model Request

Hello people!

I am looking for a modeller to make a custom (human) player model for both me and the community to use.
Money is on the agenda! I will pay $100+ for the completed asset (depending on what we agree on).

I was hoping I could get someone who can decompile a model based on the Black Mesa Source Scientist here: http://wiki.blackmesasource.com/Scientist or Nick from L4D2 http://www.l4d.com/survivors/nick/. Then model a custom face, add a strap to the model, reskin it and then rig it so then it can be used as a player model.
Of course we will need permission first in order to get the model from the creator.

○ The player model must work in Portal 2
○ The player model must work in Garry’s Mod (as both a player model and working ragdoll with the newest version)
○ The model must work in the Source Filmaker
○ You or someone else will need to create the custom skin
○ Anyone can use the model - however creative licenses & ownership still apply if you specify so.

If you can do a custom animation for it, I would be grateful too, however this is completely unecessary.

If you believe you can do this and want to hop on the project, PM me on ThinkingWithPortals or email me at chickenmobile(at)hotmail(dot)com.
Do not PM me on facepunch (I wont notice it), replying to this thread is fine.

You’re paying at least $100? WTF

So you want a scientist looking guy wearing the clothes of nick/black mesa scientists with a custom face? sounds pretty easy lol.

£50 roughly.
Gotta love the economy.

If you know anyone, point them here… please :’(

hehehe @ $100 = “highly paid”

I’m slowly learning what it takes to create a character from scratch. So far, many days invested and many new grey hairs on my head. If I ever go through this process again for a paying client, it’ll be a minimum of $10,000!

Have fun living in the streets then, nobody will pay $10,000 for a single model. $50-$100 is a rather fair price for one model from what I’ve researched, and you’d be more likely to make a living with that kind of price than asking for ten grand.

I didn’t ask anyone to make a model from scratch…

I did ask a modeller of Black Mesa if they would like to reuse their already rigged model. No response yet - probably an email account they never look at.

For a hundred bucks, I’d easily model the entire friggin character to your exact vision from scratch. Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough with texturing and that jazz to do the job :frowning:

Wrong, So wrong
When you are in the industry then you will have an idea

Until then

so your paying 100 for basically just a face? from scratch

well shit now I feel bad for only charging people $25 for full body models made from scratch.
no wonder I’ve been starving.

but yeah $100 isn’t exactly highly paid, 50-100 is normal prices like others have stated, but 90% of the time people are unwilling to pay that.

I only really wrote Highly Paid so people would click it.

Plasmid, you sound like you’ve been ripped off o.O.

I see…
I havent been ripped off since im the one that sets the pay at 20, im just saying not many people are willing to pay past 20 dollars.

as for your request here, the head is what needs modeled from scratch? 100 is to much to pay for that unless they are doing BMS style heads that have a bunch of skingroups and face structure flexes.

and porting the bodies from nick or others is not something someone can be paid for since its company models.

Black Mesa isn’t really a company is it? I mean it’s a small team.

I wonder what legal issues would be involved for paying someone for only a bit of something they made.


if you pay someone else to rip them it’s a copyright violation. if you pay black mesa for their heads it’s not. i doubt they’d do though.

If this is easy for you guys, then just do it.

TnB models are good if you are that desperate. Look for Dave.

dude just copy the files from the blackmesa folder and put them in ur gmod folder

How would that help whatsoever? I want a custom made model for namely Portal 2.

Also I have found someone to make it for me from polycount. Sorry guys but you missed out!