Highrise Adrenaline




gimme all the criticism you got


The guy on the stairs that’s running looks a little off, it’s probably just because of his leg being bent a little too much. The SAS leaning against the vent has his knee floating, unless he’s just turning the side of it to aim. Other than that, I like the angle, and composition of it. Good job. I really hope people would post more threads. Nowadays it’s just a ton of thread worthy posts in the Want to post a picture thread. Keep em coming!

I personally think you did a great job, here’s what I tried out

Nice work on this, man.

Nice work, full scenebuild or is it a map?

Noice! I like that you’ve being doing a bit more content recently. Good stuff.

the contrast just seems a bit too high. i personally think the original looks better overall.

minor scenebuild on nt_skyline

I see what you mean, but personally i prefer the edited look

Like I said, you picked a great angle.