HighRise_Apartment, Modern Industrial Living


To be honest I don’t like it that much. But that’s just me. Looks too plain and blocky to be honest. Needs more lights also.

That’s the inherent problem of modern design, it’s hard to make it look decent and unblocky in source. But i will fix up the lights for sure.

Yeah, the main thing that bothers me is that fireplace.

Well, I’m no modern art or architectural guru, but in the real world I could see a biiiiiiiig design flaw with having a window that big and barely anything to support it…At least put a wall under it. Then you could add a ‘totally modern’ window seat for an even better, and relaxing view of the city.

Other than that, I like it. True, it does look blocky but I don’t really see how to not make it blocky with a modern feel.

Messiness? :smiley:

Alright, i fixed a few things to make it look better.
-Made the lights a bit brighter an orange-er tint to make it look ‘homier’
-Added two support posts and some ceiling supports to help with the blockieness (but you can hardly see them)
-Redid the fireplace to look less blocky

I think it’ll look less scarce with props and things (couches and things)

It looks better now.

Two refrigerators seems… odd. Otherwise, It looks nice.

I eat alot :eng101:
But on that note i guess all these modern kitchens have more then one of everything, i guess this means i should stick a stove on the island?

High rise apartments don’t have fire places, ever. Nice design otherwise though.

Says who?

Says reality.

Where would the smoke from the stack go?
Into the room above?

actually they usually do. They vent differently though. But most do.

Also i know this is a l4d map, but high rise/modern apartments and never dark. and are meant to be brightly illuminated, but it wouldn’t fit with l4d.

Mine does. :raise:

It’s not really a l4d map, i just made it on the l4d hammer because it actually has some decent looking props and textures. I might stick it into a map, like the beginning of a level and it’s the saferoom you start in or something. I dunno


Maybe it’s the last apartment in the building? Maybe it doesn’t need a GIANT smokestack because it’s gas burning

The glass bar needs some trim or something, it’s not held up by anything but the edge

Like this? Also note i added some ‘roundness’ to the glass, just to make it look less blocky.

Also note i added a nice rug and lamp for the dining area

And i added a little “lip” for the glass to sit on so it doesn’t look like its floating

No sorry that the inherent problem with your skills. Modern design does not have be blocky like this and seen it work fine in other maps. Also I would not use the term Industrial design as it has nothing do with the way your using it.