Hight ping kick

Hello. Is there a script to kick players with high ping? use ulx.

Why would you do this? To me it seems a completely pointless idea.


here u are

timer.Create(“HingPingCheck”, 1, 0, function()

for _, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do

	if (v:Ping() < 100) then 

		v:Kick("Check your privilege");




What are the benefits of doing this? It won’t hurt you/your server, it only can hurt playing experience of clients themselves (who will probably leave/won’t join at all if their ping to this server is really high).

Disconnect: Check your privilege.

Alright, as a general rule, read through code people have given you before implementing it

< means less than, not more than, which is >

Not sure why you’d want this but here’s this:

All the same players who have kicked from server ping around 100

That’s because the code you were given kicks players under 100 ping, not over. Once again, please read the code people are you giving you.

If you still don’t get what the issue is, despite me telling you above, then you should spend some time on the Gmod wiki and learn the basics before attempting things.

You cant fix stupid…