Hight quality metal

Most firearms take High Quality Metal instead of Metal Fragments now.
Armored Tier requires High Quality Metal
Metal Facemask & Metal Chestpiece require High Quality metal
You can get High Quality metal from smelting High Quality Metal Ore
You can pretty much only get High Quality Metal Ore from a mining quarry

How is possible for a lonely players or low group (2-4) to defend all those bigs constructions against big groups with C4/explosive bullet when we have wodden door…

Well, it’s an equal playing field. They have just as much opportunity to make guns as you do.

Ok for guns but Cars, quarry, Turret/automatic and protection are not equal rust make big groups more strong update after update :confused:

So in other words, just like real life and any other multiplayer game, organized groups will fare better than loners and small groups. Not sure how exactly they could balance that. It’s math. 1+ is always greater than 1.

That said, there are lone players who are quite crafty and can manage on their own quite well. But generally speaking, they’re the exception, not the rule.

im a lone wolf and the server i play on has huge groups im not talking about 5-10 man its more like 15-20 man groups with this update will just make it easier for them to rule the server. this update will end up killing the player base. i now play it less and less and i have over 2200 hrs in the game

If your tactic doesn’t work, don’t blame the game. Find a different tactic. (play with friends)

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Some people can hack it solo. Some people can’t. If you can’t, then it’s not the MULTIPLAYER game’s fault.

I think a lot of people don’t understand just how many solo players there are. They also don’t understand just how hard it is to be a solo player. They think “Ehh, it’s a small majority. And they don’t have it that much harder.”


Not too happy with this week’s patch. I mean, all the stuff looks great for people who play in groups, but the game has just become nearly impossible for solo players. High quality metal (basically only) comes from mining quarries. You mind telling me the last time a solo player has managed to find, plant and defend a quarry?

It was hard enough to find even a BLUEPRINT of a gun as a solo player last patch. Now it’s almost impossible to even get the materials to make it. Groups of players, who already had a HUGE leg up on smaller groups, have now gotten even stronger while the solo players have gotten weaker.

And for those of you saying “Hurrr, just play with friends”. I don’t have any friends that play this, nor can I convince them to play. On top of that, even if I did, it can be hard to find a time to play together because of work/family/etc. And you can go ahead with your generic “Don’t blame the game if you don’t have the time to play” excuse. I get that it’s multiplayer. I get that groups are stronger. I get that you have to dedicate a lot of time to be successful. But it seems like groups are becoming a requirement to play.

I recognize the fact that groups SHOULD have an advantage over smaller groups/solo players. It’s realistic and makes sense. This gap has existed since legacy. However, it seems that these patches are only kicking the solo players down more while raising the groups. They’re just widening the gap.

Have you ever tried the crossbow ? If you had you wouldn’t claim something like that, i’m pretty sure thats what the crossbow is for it uses normal metal, has high damage output and is perfect for one shot assasinations. Also you realise that you can still loot ak’s that you steal from people if you’re so dead set on it. They are luckily ore valuable now and the early game lasts much longer, heck maybe people start to use the former useless low tier weapons finally.

Forcing people to play a game a certain way while having a redundant alternative is not a very good design IMO.

Nobody is forcing you to tech up to get guns, craft a crossbow and ambush people for them.

I also feel this is one of the worst updates for solos in a long while. I don’t mind groups, but they’re already pretty powerful on most servers and the HQM requirements will only snowball things.

Playing for a few days now since the last patch, I’ve not even been able to find any gun BPs (nor have multiple AK research attempts gone through), and now I presumably won’t even be able to attempt research without HQM?

The research system really needs a better progression path, then barrel hunting and radtown suicide runs.

i call bs i was just on a server that did a full wipe 2 hrs ago their was a large group running around already with guns killing everyone they killed the server. not sure how its a even playing field. yea those arrows suck when your getting shot by 15 dudes.

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my tactics work fine im able not to get raided or till the last 2 days before a wipe. i did play with friends but they have moved on as they do not like this version of rust.

anyone have the shortname on HIgh quality metal ore and high quality metal yet?

As a solo player you have to change your game play is all. The devs didn’t make the changes to force group play…they upped the challenge.

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It doesn’t matter that people can find groups, or that groups should have it easier.

This is what has happened:
Rust was a game that was very fun for a solo player. Not it is not at all as fun. It is too grindy,and the progression is off.

In the recent poll, over 60% or players said they played solo. Facepunch remade legacy and made it a bad experience (for now) for solo players.

At some point, FP should make it so Rust is fun for solo players too. They had that with legacy. There is no reason they can’t make it fun for solo players again. We know Rust can be fun for both groups and lone wolfs.

The solution, at least in theory, is very simple. Have servers where you can only play solo. How the game will enforce this is another question.

You need to up your game play as a solo player.

I play solo and rarely have a base. Maybe a few 1x1’s here and there, but honestly I’m out barrel hunting, gathering ore, or using someone’s quarry that is offline.