Hight quality metal

Is barrel hunting and gathering ore actually fun?

Depends on what you are comparing it to.

I like to build and explore, so it’s fun in that regard.

If you are a solo raiding and killing and only playing that aspect of the game, then I understand why you’d be disappointed with the changes to the game.

I want to like this update because it is still doable by lone players, the only problem is that the blueprint system is broken, if they can figure out how to fix the blue prints this will be a great change. I can’t do anything now because I’ve got no way to get quarries as a solo player can’t take an airdrop against a group. Love the game, love the update but just putting my feedback.

I’m sure there will be abandoned quarrys all over the map. Just use one of those to collect your ore.

So far I am only getting stone from one of those. Does anyone know if every abandoned Quarry will give high Q. metal? Aren’t quarries different in what they give? Which you can see from the survey charge. So could a quarry only give stone?

What I do not understand is what just happened to Metal Fragments.
Did this change virtually make frags “near” useless?

*changes - I know metal frags aren’t going to be totally useless due still needing them for mats on certain items. However, if you didnt establish a armored base on this last patch,your fucked.

oh god so much whining!
I love the new update, as a solo player, It’s much more of a challenge now!

It’s not a problem untill your brain makes it a problem

Stop being so negative and find solutions instead. Something new will happen next week, take the time to explore your creativity and find ways that work for u. So you’re being raided? Learn from your misstakes. Build new better. And stop complaining.

I’d love to see hidden shelters that hide sleepers and upgrade through use and survival time. Start out with a hole in the ground, and slowly expand it to a camouflaged yurt. The more time you use primitive tools (default BPs), the better you get at makingnthem fast and with better dura. Just a different progression path so solos can persist and become the wandering nomads of Rust.

As for metal frags… maybe sheet metal will get some love? Or use it for door upgrades?

Also, as much as refined metal rocks (been waiting for this since Legacy!), it should be the gateway to more modern gear. Rust’s current wearable junkyard is much better suited visually and thematically to scrap metal.

Long term, the current guns could become much less durable while guns made from refined metal (think steel) would be in line with 20th century arms, and endure lots of abuse. That would put weapons on more of a spectrum. (The crossbow is a step in this direction, so I’m hopeful.)

Maybe guns should be able to be made from frags and refined metal. The more frags you use, the more likely the gun will break or fail.

Need I clarify, that these servers would be entirely optional. If you want to rough it on a group server as a solo player, go right on ahead.

It is a cool idea. They would have to figure out how exactly to do it, but it would be fun to be on a solo only server.

not sure if this is due to the patch, but someone in my group found a quarry BP in an airfield barrel.

i think the barrel system is a bit iffy - they seem to spawn incredibly fast and have far too high a drop chance for extremely good items, making sitting farming them far too viable. Especially since even on high pop servers its very easy to do a run without being killed or running into other players. blueprints from barrels fair enough, but being able to find full weapons that are now even harder to get otherwise is a bit nutty.

i reset my server for yesterday’s patch, including BP wipe, literally after 1-1.5 hours while our group was building our base, two guys who had sat and farmed barrels rocked up with metal armor, thompsons and bolt action rifles and wiped us out.

i like the change that makes guns harder to get, but it seems senseless when you can just farm barrels like crazy for them at least at the start of the game. especially since despite the areas being radioactive, the majority of barrels spawn outside of the radiation and you can easily just loop around the airfield over and over, with barrels spawning as fast as you can get around the whole thing.

overall i disagree with a lot of the opinions here on solo play, though. if you’re solo then of course you cant really compete with players in hotspot areas, but if you move a bit further from the action you can easily set up a house where very few (geared) players will find it, at least before you build it up, and you can place your large structures in better locations that are even less likely for players to find them while they are busy producing resources.

Lol cushie I seem to have the exact opposite problem as you. I NEVER find gun bps (or really any “rare” gear) in barrels, and can only find the guns in radtown crates which I then get unlucky with researching. Tech should take time investment, but it really needs to be less random. It’s incredibly frustrating if you’re on the other end of the luck train.

I found a few quarry BPs in barrels over the last couple of weeks. Some random barrels, and I think at least 1 in a rad town. Not sure what the problem is here. Barrels are the primary source of BPs and always have been.

But the chance of getting a quarry BP could be very low. So some players will not get one for a very long time.

There are so many items now after the last update (with all the clothing added). This probably decreases the probability of a quarry BP spawning.

i dont think its so much the barrels, rather than things like the following;

  • a large amount spawn and have low spawn timers, meaning you can just loop areas and endlessly farm them
  • many of them around areas like the airfield/radtowns aren’t in radioactive areas, making them really easy to get
  • they drop high tier items like weapons as well as blueprints. the introduction of higher grade metals was to make high tier weapons harder to get, i feel like its a bit of a problem when you can have people running around with assault rifles etc within hours of a full server wipe.

i’m happy with the introduction of another tier of metal, as i thought it would mean players are running around with janky waterpipe shotguns and such for a lot longer, but it basically defeats the point if a player can get it all from barrels with next to no effort compared to having to get the BP and then get all the resources to make it (more so when a group finds one weapon or so early in the server, meaning they can easily ward off any other players that come near and continue to take the barrels for themselves)

You guys should seriously stop bitching about not being able to play the game alone.

It’s not difficult at all to survive alone if you just use your wits. Concealment is key. Avoid encounters with other people.

The difficulty of the game depends entirely on the server, the population, the resources at hand and where you are. It’s unpredictable, keep your eyes open and use the environment to your advantage.
I have survived for days just by hiding out up in the mountains.

It’s not hard to take down larger groups as a small group, it depends entirely on skill. A friend and I have taken out a group of 4 russians before just with the clever use of beancan grenades, some basic prediction of behavior and timing the discharge of an eoka pistol properly.

Turn off your computer, go outside, make friends, keep friends, play Rust with them. Even with another friend the game is easy as long as your use your brains.

I like the high quality metal stuff, makes larger organisation, I.E less dog-eat-dog gameplay more viable.

I’m up to about 4 quarry BPs I’ve found in the last few weeks. And I haven’t played a whole lot since the last wipe compared to my usual. Rare? Yes. But definitely not that hard to find.

Plus, air drops seem to give quarries (often multiple) pretty regularly. Ditto now for pump jacks, large furnaces and small refineries. Once of the drops I found last night had 30 survery charges in it too. Within a couple of hours of the update, I had 2 pump jacks, 3 large furnaces and a few quarries from 2 air drops I got. And I found the large furnace BP, refinery BP and several refineries in barrels.

I think a good idea in thenear future would be the ability to smelt again the metal fragments to get hqm
so 10 metal frags would be 1 hqm

Maybe with an Induction Furnace that requires high quality metal to build.

The whole point is to slow progression, adding an easy step from LQM to HQM defeats the purpose of the change. They want you to have more risk outside your buildings in the future, Farms, Quarries, Windmills, Animals.

Things that mean you can’t just huddle inside your little 3x3 to progress.