Hilarious Rust Fail

I didn’t really want to post this but I just had to I still find this so funny, I’m just an idiot.

omgurrd so hillarius men

  • 1:30 of the video spent talking
  • closed video

Yeah some people just aren’t as smart as you and need a background.

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Thank you even if you aren’t serious xD

I thought your hatchet kill was pretty good…but man way to long to get to point lol.

Yeah I know but some people complain when I don’t explain so I did sorry.

I like seeing this kind of stuff :stuck_out_tongue: Hatchet beats mp5! haha, did this once with a rock :smiley:

Lol. Okay, that’s actually pretty funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice haha I was happy when I trapped him in the corner and practically headshotted him haha

Thanks :slight_smile:

My congratulations in killing with hatchet when there is no model collision in Rust :wink:


Thanks for bringing a vid showing stuff like this, with the forum being spammed with “Killstreak” “Join me” and all kinds of crap, this vid surely made me smile, keep it up.

Thanks tha means a lot :slight_smile:

Ahaha love this :heart:

Thanks :smiley:

The first clue should have been when your buddies didn’t hear the gunfire, lol.

I like how the guy got banned 30 seconds after you killed him and took his stuff.

Really he got banned? Haha I didn’t even notice that

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Yeah if I was smart I would have realized at that point but I’m an idiot lol