Hill 107 + Bonus

Play at 50% volume:


Thanks alot to Joazzz for the AWESOME edit.



Thanks to Dissolution for the edit <3

C&C is welcome and encouraged!
[SP]If you want to see the originals, just ask.[/SP]

Dat desert one.


let’s see the original

dats neat

here, let me


the editing really makes that pose, amazing job joazzz and viper.

yeah that really would be nothing without joazzz’ editing, ahahaha

Really nice posing and a great edit, love it.

you could have said that more nicely

cold hard truth to the face at mach 3 works best though

yeah it does tend to work best like that

oh wow that’s pretty nice, really dig the angle and such.

Both images are amazingly done, well done to all 3 of ye.

youre winner

Thanks guys for the C&C, greatly appreciated!


Times and places to not put in your contacts

Picture is really cool and nice but…


i just can’t stop staring at it.

so i fixed it.


yeh i probably should have done something about that, but i fix low-poly edges so rarely that i didn’t even notice that

Have a winner, mate.

Joazzz, just out of curiosity: how many layers?

Geez, well done dude. Love the desert one, really pulls in what abandoned war might be.