Hippo's Modelling Thread

I’ll be showcasing my journey of learning 3d Modelling in this thread, please leave criticisms/thoughts if you have a second to check it out!

Sometime in Early June-ish:

Made a bookshelf using Google Sketchup, imported to Cryengine, and bumpmapped using Gimp! Images below.

Tips? Suggestions? I want to learn Blender, should I use it or is there something else that’s better out there?

Thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile:

July 3rd 2014 - Made some grass in Maya and exported it to Cryengine. Here’s a video showcasing it!

July 6th 2014 - Here’s a rough render of an unfinished 2 story house mesh!

And a barn!

July 7th - Here’s a quick update on the house, with some quick texturing!

July 10th - Finally finished modelling and texturing the house! It’s empty because the furniture and whatever else I put in there will be separate assets that I haven’t made yet. I decided to show it off in a night-time setting because it’s kinda creepy and that’s cool. Applied bumpmaps to the textures and some creepcore ambient music to the video, hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!

August 18th - I’m still doing stuff! Here’s a sample, more pictures incoming probably at the end of the week.

August 20th - aforementioned “more pictures”

August 23

Here’s some more for your eyeballs!

September 12

made some shipping crates, with and without doors.

I think it looks pretty nice actually! Good job.

Thanks! =D

Looks quite nice actually.

Thank you very much! I didn’t know whether it was very good or not as I just push-pulled some squares in sketchup, so it means a lot that you guys think it’s nice :slight_smile: very encouraging, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I will soon be needing some models for a gamemode that i’m currently developing for a friend if you wish you could try and make us some models we need and by doing so learn from it and soon may even get paid to do so.

That’d be really cool! I’d be very interested in doing that, that’d be very beneficial for me. I’ll PM you for some more details :smiley:

For a measly bookshelf, that’s pretty sexy.

Blushes Thanks! Much appreciated :smiley:

thin the shelves; they’re way to thick right now.

flip the texture on the side so it’s going longwise; that’s how they’d come off the tree. also flip the texture on the front, but not the shelves, and the back so they’re going long wise for the same reason. the shelves should stay as they are though.

you’ve got something weird going on with the shadows, is the model all one piece?

the molding looks a little odd but it’s hard to see so it may be fine.

post the wire frame from whatever program you made it in too.

That looks pretty ballin’ to be honest.

I’ll flip the textures & thin out the shelves, thanks for the tip, you’re right I totally didn’t even realize they were facing the wrong way.

The lighting is screwy, the default light occlusion proxy in Cryengine allows too much light through the seams for some reason. It’s all in one piece though yeah.

The molding is suuuuuuuuuuuper basic, I built it in Google Sketchup. And as far as I know sketchup doesn’t have a wireframe mode…

And I think I hit all the points :slight_smile:

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He says its his first model and all you can offer is a bunch of nitpicking - some of which reflects nothing more than your preferences and not any fault with the model.

I’d use it if I wanted to furnish a room in Gmod

Thank you for your support :slight_smile: I do appreciate the nitpicking as well though, I need constructive criticism if I’m going to get any better. Thank you everybody for your kind words and tips/suggestions, I’m taking them all to heart :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Means a lot! :slight_smile:

He’s giving tips which is different from nitpicking. As preferences - it’s actually how a shelf would actually look wise due to how wood is generally cut up.

There’s a difference between nitpicking an constructive criticism.

As to the model itelf - any chance you could show the wireframe and UVs as well? :slight_smile:

Sadly it was made in Google Sketchup, I’m not sure if there are UVs or a wireframe view available. :frowning: I’m picking up Blender though, I’ll be posting my other attempts at modelling on this thread once I get the basics down.

Thanks for your support!

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Forgot to reply to this one! Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Except I’ve owned antique shelves with thicker sections than his model. So no, there is actually not a ‘hard and fast’ rule about how shelves are made… there are thousands of types of shelves, of all sizes and shapes and materials. His comment about that reflects his opinion/preference, and I’m not saying he’s wrong for having one. But “that thing you made isn’t the way I think it should be, therefore change it” isn’t constructuve criticism. Sorry but we’re just going to have to disagree on that.

This actually doesn’t look half bad. The only thing I could really suggest would be using different wood textures, but that’s mainly for the sake of variety.

You know, there’s a good chance that maybe they haven’t seen a shelf with sections that were that thick. Their statement doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a reflection of their opinion or preference. I don’t really see why you’re over-analyzing their statement and saying that it’s based on personal opinion and/or preference.