"Hire a Coder" Megathread


This thread is designated for anyone who needs to hire a Garry’s Mod Lua coder but doesn’t wish to use CoderHire for whatever reason. Posts should adhere to the following format:

Job Description:
Contact Info:

Script Description:
Contact Info:




This post will be updated as needed.

Why not use Coder Hire though?

Some people may have had bad experiences with coderhire or would simply prefer to do it through an open forum. I’m, for one, am glad that this kind of thread has finally been made.

Be careful of people who were banned off coderhire coming here to scam others.

  1. we don’t need a template for job listings, if you need a template for a job posting then you shouldn’t be hosting a server in the first place

  2. same as #1 except for coders

  3. you are never going to be able to keep track of every individual job that happens here

  4. you are probably going to get shit for that “scammer” section

  5. this is your first post…

  6. most people use coderhire

  7. although coderhire is an exceedingly corrupt piece of shit, it works and this is going to begin to split the community in fuck it,

Coderhire has had alot of scamers

Alternative title - ‘Banned Coderhire users don’t learn their lesson and still want help’

CoderHire - unreliable PayPal only!!



I don’t know something seems fishy.

I guess he has the usage to create it.

I don’t think it’s a horrible idea, i like how you had to make threads to hire coders before. ;D

I think coderhire is much better than this but ah well.

It’s a better organized place, not “better”.

Personally I think it sucks for script selling. As they gain off of the people buying the “Script Developer” (or whatever it is called)

This is an good idea i like it, Coderhire isn’t the only place to hire a coder, It’s just that garry decided to choose it, Because it didn’t fit in with the community.

You can do jobs regardless of the script selling on Coderhire.

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Garry didn’t “choose” Coderhire, not is he affiliated with it.

I never understand people who complain about the developer fee… It’s $15, most scripts make that back on day 1.

What do you mean? Developer is $15 per item, which goes to Adam who is in charge of keeping the site running, which I imagine is quite expensive and as far as I can tell, he doesn’t accept donations either. There are lots of products on Coderhire that have lots of purchases and have made a huge profit, so I doubt the coders mind either. Even smaller ones still net in quite a bit.

I also think it’s a good idea because it means people actually have to put effort in before submitting stuff, which is something a site like Coderhire definitely needs.

I don’t think it is that expensive to run his website, to be honest. Yes, it took time to create the website, but he’s got a fairly easy job. Steam registrations made him not to have to write a user management system (registering and login), but also took away spam accounts. Big plus.

Now, his servers are running. Major websites such as hackcommunity.com (I just happen to know the owner), are able to run on a quite cheap server as the website can be optimized a lot. All he needs is storage space for his database and files. Now in this era, storage space isn’t the biggest problem you could think about. So, what I think, yes, he spent some time to get the thing running, but currently he’s getting $15 a month from every developer, plus the money he makes on advertisements (neon-servers, i.e.). He’s becoming rich and all he has to do is sit back.

To add up to that, Coderhire in general is a really cluttered website. The website prompts the user with a lot of information on one screen. The website also uses “tabs” as navigation. As for the main navigation this wouldn’t be such a problem considering it’s placement, but for the reviews, comments, etc, it is really awkward for some users to find the correct location to look. I’m not a huge fan of Coderhire but every time I’m browsing the website and just looking around scripts I have to stare at the tabs in order to find the one that has the changelog in it. I’m sure there are tons of people that like the website and think it’s good to use, but as a web developer I look at these things in a way different way. Though, the small things annoy me the most, such as this (mins on another line, ugh):


Great that they got the project running and people are able to sell scripts, but I would rather have seen Coderhire as a place where people could actually hire coders and sell their work to the person that requested it. Currently it’s a supermarket, stocked with addons you see on every server. It kills creativity and therefor really affects the quality of the entire Garry’s Mod community. Fun, he’s making money on it, so he wouldn’t even think of getting rid of the script supermarket but I think it’s really ruined Garry’s Mod in a certain way. Every server you join nowadays has at least a single Coderhire addon (Even my gamemode will have a Coderhire addon, but I think a SWEP base that still requires customization is something else than a complete finished HUD) and it isn’t fun to see everything look the same. When I started playing somewhat 6 years ago I was amazed by what some servers have achieved, but if you open the serverbrowser you can clearly see which gamemodes rule the community. DarkRP, TTT, Prophunt and Murder. When we got a Prophunt server in Casual Bananas we were one of the few, we had custom content and a custom gamemode. Currently all the prophunt gamemodes are free to find on the workshop. No one bothers customizing it, because “it will do”. Go to Coderhire, buy a few new items to make your server look better, get a different HUD, upload to your server, DONE! Let the money flow in.

I really think that the monopoly Coderhire has (as all other projects that will be set up will immediatly be pushed into the ground by Coderhire supporters, or be flagged as “Coderhire banned user hangout”, this thread is the perfect example, or this website) is harmful to Garry’s Mod as a game and I honestly think that the the creator of it should realise this, and change at least something about it. But I’m afraid money has more power than words in such a case.

and please, don’t get me wrong, yes there are good things about Coderhire, such as people getting a fair chance of looking or a coder with a rating system and with less scamming, but the monopoly position is what fucks it up the most. They decide what happens, they determine the standard. Get banned from Coderhire for an unfair reason and you have no where to go, no where to complain and any public complaint is easily laughed down by all the supporters of Coderhire. If people would open their eyes rather than showering in the money Coderhire has gotten them they do know what they work with. Everyone on Facepunch complains that there are no “customized” servers anymore, as, DarkRP modded to shits or self written gamemodes. But it is also big amount of people on Facepunch that are PART of the problem by participating rather than fighting against it. But again, money is stronger than words, so unless there’s some sort of revolution upon server owners, Garry’s Mod is doomed to a culture of kids with mum’s creditcard creating a server by dragging and dropping a server together in 10 minutes. Small communities or single-server gamemodes with original content don’t get a chance anymore as they get pushed down by the horrible serverbrowser design, to make it even worse. I understand that my post will most likely cause a riot but I really think that something has to be done about this. Known Facepunch users should team up to make a site similar to Coderhire, to create competition, to make things fair. Just one with the right mindset, and not the supermarket kind of feel where everyone walks through the same aisles.

A major improvement already would be a public banlist on Coderhire. List all bans, the reasons and the proof given for the bans. That’d at least get rid of their ability to be biased towards a player because someone who’s friends with the owner got someone banned or being banned for scamming / work while this is not the case (e.g. this)

I agree with Cyber I don’t think coderhire would be too expensive to keep up and running. Anyway he is making over 300% “AT LEAST” of his websites cost back .

I need money, if anyone wants me to do some jobs PM me.

I would love if CH actually followed its name and allowed Coder for hire ads.