Hire Admins for Official Rust Servers

The Official Servers were great before hacks. With your new surplus and capital income would you consider hiring official admins to look over official servers and to see if hackers are blatantly hacking like they always do. Obviously if there is any admin abuse it would cost them there job and it would solve many problems with getting rid of the hackers faster. It might even help the devs to get quicker feedback by having them provide daily reports on how they are implementing these hacks and appropriate bans based on first hand knowledge. Theyd almost be like gamemasters in world of warcraft. What do you guys think?

It’s alpha, the devs have better things to do than spend money and time babysitting the official servers. They’re busy actually working to fix the exploits that the hackers are using and passing the info to Valve for updating VAC with the new cheats. As well as making the rest of the game.

The game is in alpha, I think you need to adjust your expectations.

Do the hackers suck? Of course. Will VAC get every single one that uses injections? Yup. Does VAC act quickly? Nope.

If you aren’t having fun, go play other games for a few weeks and check back in on Rust. Seriously, you’ll be happier that way.

The devs don’t need to be the ones administrating the official servers. They could hire trusted people, such as forum moderators.

Never was a fan of the official servers

The forum mods already have a job: Moderating the forums.

Hiring new people and managing them is a headache that the devs don’t need, and the primary reason this thread gets created every time is because I’m not having any fun.

Welcome to alpha, tester. This game isn’t finished yet, and nobody promised you fun or balance during the alpha.

I am not saying Im unhappy with the game.

Secondly, I dont think its a waste of time by “babysitting” as you so call it. I think its a great idea based on the fact that if you had workers on the inside out looking at how these exploits are being accomplished they could get a better feedback system back to the devs that make changes.

Even with the influx of many people are joining rust, take a look at how many people are in the Official Servers lately, you can tell that hackers are ruining this game. It leaves a bad impression for anyone in the future that wants to buy and play now, even in the alpha stage, marketing wise, people will tend to stay away from it if you don’t implement a quicker solution to problems. and in this case hiring a person even for minimum wage, which im sure they could afford and many people would probably want a job like that. Would make the game experience more enjoyable and probably interest more people in getting the game even in its alpha stage.

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and I never said the Devs should be doing that work. Obviously, read the post, it says hire someone to do it. Doesnt need to be someone with substantial knowledge in game development they just have to know how to write a report every now and then and check as to the status of how the servers are.

I would just find a good community server for the time being. I don’t disagree with you, but we probably won’t see mods for a while.

For me, it’s about the lag. I would honestly prefer to play on an official server (even un-moderated), but the lag is impossible . . . I have never pinged lower than 90-100ms to any of them and average around 110-120ms during peak – even to the ones located basically on my doorstep. I’m on the US East Coast, and sometimes I even ping lower to Germany than the US East servers. There are some good community servers out there that are near full on population and still ping 20-50ms for me.

If it was that easy, they’d have already done it.

Just the act of hiring someone creates hours of paperwork, never mind selecting and trusting the right candidates. And never mind the complaints against them that would start flooding in of admin abuse and of false bans. It’s a lot more work than you’re pretending it is.

The reason community servers appear is to get away from Private servers that impose rules that some people may not agree with, and get away from admins since as we can all tell, not all admins are the best people to stick around with.

Though that presents problems for dealing with cheaters.

Hiring admins and such can be tough work because you need to find the right people for the job, either they want to volunteer, or want to be paid, and the stress of having to deal with “Admin abuse” spam in these forums and email.

Let the dev team decide, it might take a while.

I’ve officially quit official servers. Fifteen minutes of rubberbanding followed by five deaths a piece for everyone in our group in a few minutes while our base was being raided on top of all the foul language was just enough. On the community servers they at least have things in place to mitigate suicide hacking and some even have active admins… besides, the community servers are sometimes even busier than the official servers while being less laggy.

Regardless, in any big MMO you will need a gamemaster (Admin). Look at all the great MMOs, they just dont let things go on the fly and expect to get no immediate feedback. People will always need help with troubleshooting in game anyways. As they get bigger and more people start to play they will have to implement a customer service based admin anyways. Trust me, its going to happen.

The devs should have thought ahead and warned us there might be problems. Then we’d have nothing to complain about at this point.

Or limited early access keys to a population that they could support.

Rust isn’t an MMO.

Rust is in alpha (meaning, features are not complete) and is actively being built.

And, yes, in time, there will be more extensive support systems needed. On the case of official server GMs, this is not the time.

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They did, fool:

That’s what happened this summer, and the forums were flooded with idiots begging and demanding Rust keys, after it went viral on Reddit. The pressure did not let up, and the Rust subforum was practically unusable. Go back 300 pages in the Rust forum archive and you’ll see what I mean. It was a madhouse in here, all because the game was closed and everyone had to have the “new DayZ with Minecraft building”.

And they didn’t listen to us Facepunchers when we told them “listen, the game is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally early, you’re not going to like how unfinished and broken it is”.

And here we have complaints about the game being unfinished and broken (exploits everywhere, bugs and glitches getting people stuck/etc.) and a lack of release-level support by the devs (babysitting the official servers, this thread exactly).

It’s like this was predictable.

who are you to say what is right and wrong? And what makes you the foremost authority on when the right time is and when is it the wrong time?

And yes rust is an MMO Sandbox. Get your facts straight kid.

MMO -A massively multiplayer online game. A computer game in which a large number of players can simultaneously interact in a persistent world.

Not sure what you were trying to accomplish with this rather sad fervent protection of the current state of the game but it WOULD be more productive to actually have admins on the official servers because guess what? They can report bug reports that would be undiluted due to the fact that they are, ahem, trusted individuals working for the company. Therefore the first paragraph of your post is already voided. Second, the game is in alpha yes we all already know since a majority of the fanboiz like to adamantly push that to everyone as if it was a legitimate defense line. The point of the alpha is to find the current gamebreaking bugs/hacks/s’ploitz. Again, having official game server admins would fix that.

If 50% of the people who don’t know how to file bug reports would fuck right off of the Rust subforum and play other games instead, they wouldn’t need to hire people to be professional bug reporters. Or they could just use their brains and filter out the information they don’t need to get to the info they do. So, your own argument’s out the window there with the same fluidity you attempted to dismiss mine.

Nice calling me a fanboy instead of actually telling me why “it’s alpha” is somehow not a valid argument here.

Now tell me that all of the massive hassles and expense in having official GMs on staff is worth the slight increase in bug report quality.

I expect you to provide concrete dollar figures here, because you’re asking the devs to spend real money to fix a problem that you think is high priority. The burden of this argument is on you.

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