Hire Map Coder

Hello FacePunch users.
I am looking for a map coder so basically some one who can build a map.(Durp) I will pay money for this. Here is what I would be expecting and what I will need you to do.
First off you will need some prerequisites.
1)Not Be a complete asshole
2)Needs to show me previous work (Map’s only. they could be modified from the original version it’s fine)

Here is what I would like.
A Movie theater. This movie theater would be for my Cinema server. I would give you alot more info of what this map should look like and how big it should be.
For now I would say that I want 25 screening rooms 15 with a capacity of 15 people and the rest a capacity of 45 people the server will be 120 slots.
If you are interested message me on steam http://realxgaming.net/VexTeck.html or send me a email rxgstaff@realxgaming.net.
Okay I fixed the Epic Fail.

Since you mentioned money, how much will you be paying?

Edit: map coder?

Happy to see that you post this in the right section, not in Lua Section. 0-_-0

It really depends on your skills and how much you would be willing to do it for me. I would need to see previous work and I would show you what I want and then we would agree on a price from that point.

Map Coder ?
+You won’t find anybody because most people will dislike you at the start for not posting in the megathread.

I’ll make it, i won’t code it but. After all; money money money money
Add me on steam and we can make a deal.

If you’re referring to Sam’s Cinema gamemode, I’m pretty sure it was built to only work on the official Cinema map.

the megathread is for questions. requests get their own threads.

Well its not hard to edit a gamemode or to copy the entity names etc which are set up in the “official” map

What I’m getting at is that if they put effort into making it only work on the official map, it means they obviously intend for it to remain that way. Going against that would be going against the gamemode’s creators, which would ultimately mean that, even if you get the gamemode to work on a custom map, you’d have to stick to an old version and wouldn’t be able to port to new builds easily, thus probably missing new content, features, patches and so on. Not to mention that you’d be going against the creators’ intentions, which is, in a way, comparable to decompiling a map with the intention of editing and re-releasing it.

Well I wasn’t getting at the morals behind it.

I suppose you are right that it could be a little grey.

If the Server host got the gamemode legitimately I see no issue with it.

It has a GCF with the entities used so you can make your own.

Alright then, in that case, disregard what I said above.

No I just need a map I am going to custom code the game mode I wont be taking from someone else that just seems wrong in my book.

You’re never online on steam anyway

You’re going to make a theater gamemode from scratch, by yourself? I don’t see why you’d want to do that. Why not use the aforementioned Cinema gamemode instead? It even comes with a great theater map.

Maybe he wants some unique features? or the coding practice? Weren’t you just complaining about him using the other persons gamemode?

“You’re going to make a roleplay map from scratch, by yourself? I don’t see why you’d want to do that. Why not use the aforementioned rp_downtown map instead? It even comes with a great rp setting.”

If he wants to create his own gamemode, let him.

I believe he was just making a helpful suggestion and I do appreciate that. And I also thank you for trying to help out but lets not start a forum fight. :slight_smile: