[HIRE] Perp For Gmod 13 Conversion

Well the title pretty much says it all i dont want any customization done to the perp i just want it converted and working on my server. I dont want it to be done in any sort of time so if it takes a while to do that’s fine just not so long that it pretty much never gets done kind of thing, I’m paying but i would prefer if you guys gave me a price offer instead if not then lets say $140 max ?
Also the payment will be once the gamemode is converted and working.

If anyone has PERP for Gmod11, I will personally convert it and publicly post it so everyone stops making these threads.

i want Perp for Gmod 13 to :frowning:

Just let them waste money on people smart enough to make a profit from it lol.

I mean honestly, they seem devoted enough to waste their moms money on something useless right?

Why do you think it’s their mom’s money OR useless? These things are very profitable.

Doesn’t really matter who’s money are wasted.
But try posting in the right thread, don’t need a new thread for this.

Less kids hosting perp is better.

Who gives a flying shit about PERP, or Dark RP for that matter. If you’re really, really into roleplaying (you weirdo), just create your own gamemode instead of trying to use a horribly coded one as your base.

Please don’t, everything is so much better; don’t undo the damage Garry has done. Don’t let the server skiddies win!

Why are people so butthurt about PERP being downloaded and released. I believe Hunts has already said he doesn’t care anymore and the community is gone. I’m pretty sure Hunts wouldn’t have a working version himself. Stop being little whiny kids about RP and let people do what they want to do. You guys posting this crap in these posts are just as bad as people asking for DarkRP edits. Get over it…It’s going to happen. Not everyone in the GMOD community knows how to code. Get over yourselves. Jesus…

With that said, I’ll do it for free…I don’t give a shit about money like most of these leeches here who take advantage of people. I’m not the best coder, but I enjoy messing around with things. I’ve also ported a few things to gmod 13. I’m currently working on GMR (oh shit…also stolen…everyone cry about it now), but I’m missing the database for it. Hit me up on Steam


^ this guy

Hyper Iguana, I have PERP3 I’m looking for get converted to work with gmod 13.

Apparently I’m dumb because I’m not going to charge someone money for an activity I enjoy doing for fun…makes sense?

Don’t worry about him. I do free HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL work for small companies for free because I enjoy it. Don’t let haters hate :downs:

Well mainly people are pissed about perp is because kids that don’t understand how the whole concept of a server, and the gamemode itself work, and decide to put up a server because admins ban them on another server due to them having small tempers, being immature and obviously failing to follow the rules. I find it positive that none/small quantity of people have working perp servers, which will leave proper competition between communities to provide a quality gamemode to their player base, kids that don’t understand lua enough to change a few functions over should not be hosting their own custom gamemode server, they should stick to something that is being developed by people who are experienced, such as wiremod / sandbox, ttt, etc.

Prepare to meet your eventual realisation of a world beyond yours… where you don’t get stuff for free and have to pay the bills.