Hire someone who can port a few models for me

I’m not asking for free. I will pay someone who can port me a few models.

Hello everyone. Currently I’ve been looking for someone who can port a few models for me. I’ve tried to port their type of models but I don’t know anything about proportions tricks so I look kinda bads and not working well in GMOD. The models are not complicated and have low polygons.

I’ve post thread like this before, around 4 peoples has been contacted me first but they always say they’re busy for some reason. If you’re busy, please don’t comment on this thread. If you feel like can port these models to me, feel free to give me your steam URL or add me as friends via my steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/tienthanh2929

Thank you.

Still looking.

you’ll have more luck if you actually say what you want porting

It’s a XNALARA models , you can check out my previous threads :smiley: . Yet , you actually contacted me before , but idk you say you’re busy , kinda funny

porting for money is basically working for less than 3 bucks an hour

post a picture or the link to the model(s) so people can say “Ill port it, because I also want it for myself”

You can offer me your price. I want to port around 3 - 4 models. Well this is the models I wanted: https://theforgottensaint47.deviantart.com/art/Doraemon-Doraemon-HDK-663700366

Someone already ports 2 characters of this cartoon on the GMOD workshop but they stopped.

i can give you a quick analysis of that doraemon from a porting perspective, i downloaded it just to glance at it (cuz i like collecting xnalara models)

port difficulty : i would rate it medium-low

(Difficulty is not to be confused with time, aka how long it would take, they are 2 completely different things)

time: medium-high to high, but less than most MMDs

I can see why people contacted you and then quit though. Its a bit more complex than most

I just think it has a lot of unnecessary face expression on the models, I try to port one of this before but like I said I don’t know any proportion tricks , actually, there is a guy who accepted my offers but he says he will do it in September but I kinda forget about it tho. And someone added me not really asking what I need to port just say they’re busy (lol)

Still looking, can offer your price through my Steam.

I think I got someone willing to do it for me, but feel free to contact me.