Hired Ops model ripping ?

Has anyone tried to rip models - textures from the recently released " Hired Ops " on Steam ? Looks like contract wars but with a few more gimmicks to it.

I’m pretty sure this IS Contract Wars honestly.

Old name of this project was Contact Wars Standalone. But they said, they changed a lot of mechanics. Anyway, Downloading now, so far I’m not sure it still uses Unity 3 like browser version.
It uses Unity 5.3.6. Is there any extractors that supports it?

Does the Max Plugin still works ?

What plugin? I only use external programs so far.

Game uses two types of Unity3d packages. 1st type have UnityFS header. 2nd type have encryption/different compression but also have constant header.
Unity Assets Bundle Extractor can take out LOD models and camos, which are stored in UnityFS packages.

If you want to try find out a way how to extract FPS models here is sample: http://www.mediafire.com/file/29vo16faa101rzo/optic_eotech553f.unity3d

Game looks like an Escape from Tarkov rip off.

Hired Ops - Contract Wars - Escape From Tarkov are all developed by the same group of developers.

Hired ops is an extension of contract wars…
contract wars >>>>> no normal maps…etc
Hired ops >>>>> many maps are added (running in a new engine)