"Hired to kill..." Man shoots two people in apartment.

First time experimenting with light sources.





C&C :smug:

The faceposing ruined it for me, as I said on Steam.

I know the faceposing is a bit weird… What about the rest of the picture?

It’s good otherwise.

Okay, thanks :buddy:

Except the faceposing and the bad angle, can’t see anything bad ! It’s good overall.

Bad angle? I thought it was pretty good :confused:

Oh well, thanks for commenting.

Blood is verreh nice

Well, in my opinion, it may differ from a guy to another.
I’d have preferated a First Person like view, not REALLY first person, but in this area, see ?

I gotcha.

You really have a thing for shooting people, don’t you?

Holy shit that’s awesome god damn.

Bald guy: Heyheeey, you shot me in the head! What was that good for?

BTW, at first I read it “Man shot people in two.”

Yes, I fucking screwed up the faceposing. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.

Something very wrong wit the shadows.

The right guy looks like he has stood there bleeding for some time now, but the gun and other guy shot hints they both were shot within a moment.

Face posing and the guy on the left.

By guy on the left I mean his legs, you would think he would move them from the relaxed position it was in to maybe being down on the floor or something.

i like it, keep up the good work.

Thanks =)

It looks like the on the left is having a grand old time. It’s as if it wasn’t for that head wound he would just leap of that couch and get jiggy with it. Whatever there it to get jiggy with, that is.