Hiring a Coder for GMOD 13

Hello I am interested in hiring a permanent programmer for our gmod server. This is a big budget project and me and my partner have all ready spent a ton of money on it. We can guarantee to pay the server bill every month and pay our coder. We have experience running past communities as you will find out after speaking with us. We are really looking for some one with a decent amount of skill in LUA and just a nice person to be around. Our server is being funded and sponsored by a big minecraft server who we also have access to their player base. Which is 250 users plus a day. You will receive a cut of the donations and staff on a professional server. If you are interested please add me on skype or steam Steam: Danlie1 Skype: Danlie1234. P.S you will be working with our other LUA dev who has a lot of experience. The server is pretty much up and very custom.

Yes but I am looking for a permanent coder. I am not paying for jobs or scripts

I think he might be trying to avoid coderhire since he has a -1 rep on there. Then again, the first and only post on his steam profile calls him a scammer too…

I took a screenshot in case he decides to remove the comment.

Eh, if I were you, I’d use Coderhire. I’ve said this before, but you probably won’t find a perm coder on Facepunch. Most people here just want secure and defined payment and offering donations turns quite a number of people away.

I am not just “offering donations” they will be payed for the work they do and receive a bit of donations. Also my -1 rep was not for scamming. I told Fat Jesus I was extremely busy and that I would message him when I need something but he kept messaging me. Also he kept coding shit. Thanks for the replies though.

There is a forum on there too, it’s clearly been stated in a stickied thread that you shouldn’t post hired work here.

Okay. Well if any one is interested just please message me.

Ask this guy: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1318968

he actually did rofl.

I was looking at his game info, not yours. By the way he didn’t make that loading screen, he took it from Coderhire.

There is so much facepalm in this thread. I’m just going to report it so the mods can lock it.

It will be pretty hard to find a “permanent” coder that will waste his time scripting for you when he won’t get money in return.

Coder Hire allows you to grab community coders, check the forums…