Hiring a GLua Coder for my Server

I have a brand new server with a creative community ran by creative Owners. We have tons of ideas for addons (quite simple ones) but we lack the skills required to make them ourselves. I am interested in hiring a coder for a server to make addons. You will be paid per addon and after the addon creation and you will only be asked to make an Addon if the money is already readily available. If you would want to ask me some questions you may do so. If you’re interested in the job then you can just add me on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/metalgaming/) and we can get everything going. Thanks for reading this!

This section is for releasing things you’ve personally made, not looking for a coder. Before making another thread in Developer Discussion or somewhere else, please refer to Coderhire.com or the Hire A Coder megathread.