Hiring a L.U.A. coder for server

Hello everyone!

I have an idea for a server, however, I’m not a coder, and there are no pre-existing scripts I can use for the server.

Therefore, I’m looking to hire an experienced coder who’s innovative and works fast.

I’ll explain more and discuss details after we begin talking.

The pay:
Ideally, I’d like to pay per hour. The pay will depend on your experience and portfolio you’re able to show me. The rate will be $15 - $30 per hour, again, depending on your experience and portfolio.

Another option, would be a fixed price. However, being that I am going to want you to continue development even after the initial project, a per hour rate would benefit you more.

I will be paying you via PayPal, check, or Western Union. The choice is yours. PayPal is my preferred option.

If you’re interested, please send me a PM with your contact details. I prefer Skype.



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