Hiring a long term Gmod Dev

I am looking for a dev for more long term work that will help remake TTT, we had a dev previously who was starting to work on it however because of complications they had to leave. So what will be redone, is the hud, pointshop, admin panel, redoing the D and T item shop, adding custom items to the pointshop, working with the map developer that we have if needed. Prices can be discussed I need work to being ASAP, I have put an ad on coderhire, but I got my last dev from here and he was wonderful. We can discuss prices and such privately, The dev needs to have an open mind and ready to accept multiple inputs, also needs to be able to stick with time tables as well.

my steam is : http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066648175
You can add me onto there and speak to me from there.

sounds like a really shitty server

It’s not I just believe its time for a total re-haul of the server to make it the best, I am looking at it to be a game changing TTT server, one that is unique and that everyone wishes to play on.

How about you let the community run for a couple of weeks and report back when you have a player base. You can’t really expect developers to join you when you literally just started a community.

Isn’t that what everyone tries to do mate?

Editing TTT is hardly hard, if that. Try and do it yourself, it’ll only take a couple hours if that…

I was the original Dev. Got fired after working it for over a year. No need to bump the thread because he already got people.

I don’t think we need another TTT modification/server. There’s plenty of TTT servers already, and you’re just making another server that won’t be able to compete with the bigger servers with bigger communities.

I don’t think TTT will be disappearing into obscurity anytime soon.