Hiring a Lua Coder!

I am starting a new community with a friend of mine and we are in desperate need of a Developer for the community. If you are interested you must be able too code unique and custom material dictated by us e.g custom scoreboard, point shop, map vote, possibly a custom admin mod(probably not), Custom HUD and a few other things in the future. Furthermore a knowledge of MySQL and PHP would be ideal.

I am willing to pay either a lump sum or per job, preferably if the community takes off it would be ideal that you are be willing to help us long term, paid or not, in the future. If in the future you are happy work for us for free then that would be more than welcome and you will obtain a developer rank in which we would not force you to do anything and treat you still as a friend, of course this is not mandatory and is fully up to how you feel about the community in time to come.

The community for now will remain private until we have reached a point where we are happy with the custom material and feel it is unique enough to stand out from the free addon filled, un-original and badly run servers.

I have had experience running a community and will send a link to who ever is interested I the job, as well as my steam profile (this is an alt acc).

The job

Time Frame – We are willing to wait as long as it takes to get a sufficient level of custom material before opening the server to the public

Money– Money is not a huge issue, we can negotiate payment through steam seeing as this preferably will be a long term job in which someone with a higher level of experience will be needed.

Code – This job is for Lua however if the long - term route is gone down there will be other code involved (web site, HTML & CSS). As above HUD’s, map vote, pointshop, achievments (optional) and a bit more.

Additional info – There will be 2 possibly 3 Owners the last of which is still being worked out, the idea is too create a unique server in a pre made gamemode – TTT, I am 16 the other definite Owner is 19 and the last will be over 20. We have all been in large community as admins or owners and know each other well and get on.

I am aware that there is Code hire, however after speaking to an admin there about posting the job, due to it being large and not all the details together he advised against it. I understand there was a thread and attempted to find it, too no avail.

If you want more information ask or PM me and I can give you my steam details and other info such as the server website I used to own etc.

**Please post bellow your: **

Time coding:
Portfolio (if applicable):
Code languages(including MySQL, php etc):
Abilities(in terms of the above, HUD, pointshop, mapvote and more DO NOT EXAGERATE):
Past communitys (if any) worked for:
Why you are interested (just put £$ if that’s the case):
If you want any additional info about us:
Additional info about you:

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum or section, I will happily remove or delete it.



No one is going to apply for your job. Prove to us that it is going to be a successful community by letting it run for several weeks and get a player base. You are on of those “when we get a donation I’ll pay you” kind of guy.

Kinda agree with this here, there’s no guarantee you’ll even pay or give the coder a fair deal when it actually comes to it, you have no reputation and your facepunch account say’s nothing either so it’s hard to judge the integrity of what you’re offering.

Furthermore, you could create jobs on coderhire for each separate script that you require, you’d be more likely to find a coder willing to do more of your jobs, and coderhire is about as safe as it get’s when you’re buying / selling scripts, as well as it’s reputation system.

It’s quite hard to even come buy coders willing to work for a community. If they are that skilled they will be better off working on jobs on coderhire or even make their communities. As far as we can tell you probably don’t even have a server up and no forums.

My advice, go on Coderhire and post jobs up for specific things like HUD, pointshop, etc.

Honestly, between the three owners (which sounds silly itself), at least one of you should be able to learn basic Lua and make simple scripts to differentiate yourself from other generic TTT servers. If not, maybe you should re-consider hosting something you can’t even read or understand.

Gimme a PM, I’ll have a chat with you and I’ll see what I can do for you sir. Could do with topping up my LUA knowledge.

I apreciate all the helpful(and otherwise) replies, if you read the OP I believe I say this is an alt acc, for reasons that I will communicate to a developer whom is actually interested in what I originally posted. I understand the issues however if you want proof of money a starting deposit can be made, I explained why we wanted a single dev and also said the code hire admin said to post here first, which i have done. I can show you the community I ran via PM as there are other members of this forum that are Owners, and my ideal situation is this stays is private as possible. If I seem like a scammer to you that’s fine, the server will be privately up within the next week an I don’t believe a scammer would go to the length I have above, don’t think I’m genuine that’s fine but I am. If anyone is still considering the above everything still applies. As for Lua knowledge I know a bit but that’s of no relevance as I would be hiring a dev regardless as I want this done well.

I wonder if this is Killslick trying to find a new dev after Acecool left.

Just so you know i have no clue who “Acecool” is. Like i said if you’re interested and want to know more PM me please.

I’m not entirely sure why you’d be against Coderhire, which has some pretty amazing coders, but happy to post a thread on Facepunch. You’ll honestly have more luck there, because that site has people activity looking for work and money.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, 99% of the coders here are not interested in sticking to one community. There are plenty of these types of threads where new owners offer promised donations and it never really grabs anyone.

So, I’d highly recommend heading over to Coderhire. You’ll probably get an applicant in less than an hour, it’s a very quick site!