Hiring a mapper/developer

I am currently buying a server and need a mapper. The server is WW2 serious RP about the Infantry Division. Im looking for an experienced mapper that knows hammer well and that wouldnt mind being a full-time admin and mapper for the community. The server will need some themed WW2 maps. You wont be payed but if your interested, post below about your experience and skills.

If you want to contact me off-fp my steam is lukazila1.

Edit: The unprofessional free forum for the admins to put their ideas on paper (if you know what I mean) bigredonerp.freeforums.org

Can you not use DoD:S Maps?

“Hey guys, can’t pay you for all your many hours to make a decent looking WW2 themed map, BUT I can give you admin!”

Not going to work I’m afraid OP, cash is what everyone’s after…

last time i checked administrator was a job not a currency

DoD:S maps are incredibly small and there are not many. In my opinion they are shit. And btw, its a job offer for admin and mapper. Last time I checked, admin was a wanted job when the server was good.

First off, you don’t even have a server yet, how does anyone know something is “good” if it doesn’t exist yet? And admin is wanted by immature 9-13 year olds who want to power trip and ban/kick/abuse anyone that looks at them funny or calls their mommy names.

Admin in reality is babysitting a server full of whiny players, which most of us aren’t going to do for free.

Usually the term ''hire" comes with the word “money”.

If this is a job offer, what are the perks?

Do we get Holidays, what are our hours etc?

Since this thread is hear, I’m actually paying cash for a mapper. Add me on steam: “llamalords”

[sp]But llamalords your such a good mapper! | I know, I know, but when you got community funds, why not ferociously waste them?[/sp]

And do we get free smoothie and fruit.

Industry standard i think.

Ill do it if you give me server owner and let me kill your first born child.

Stop lying, you’ll just lock it up in a tower. Like always

I dont see what people are talking about… I suppose if you want a GOOD mapper, you would have to pay, but you can easily get someone whos shit at it for free…
Or maybe try mapping yourself

Be nice guys, I’ll do it if I can make it how I want and not WW2 themed.

Yes map when you want to. As you work full time and as an admin, you may even make the map when your bored as far as im concerned so you probably dont need holidays. As for the smooties, you may have as much as you want.

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You are a part of the admin team to make maps for the server which is WW2. So you have to make ww2 themed maps…

No I’m not :downs:

Admin map team? What the fuck?

Serious Business.

why you no on steam