Hiring a mapper to reconfiguer a map!

Hello there!

I am hiring a mapper

he must reconstruct

Simply put some snow around the map, the water area I would like to become ICE and a snow man placed outside the entrance to the subway.

Have you asked the owner of the map if you can do this?

no not really because the guy who made that one copied the original + its so many diffrent versions. But I simply didn’t think of that. But out of respect I will try get hold of the original creator and ask him :slight_smile:

Your request isn’t even explained whatsoever.

guessing he wants snow, from the other thread

I said I would tell you the details if you contact me on steam.

Tell the details in the op, so we know if its worth bothering you

ok changed it.

I’d possibly do it. Do I get a reward?

I could do it for 10$.

$10 for 2 minutes work?


Its closed guys Karolis did it for me! he really did a great job so I would vought for him if anyone else needs a mapping service.

Well done on having someone decompile an existing decompile of another map then edit it :slight_smile:

The very thought of that makes me want to cry.

Rp_Downtown is a swearword in this forum :v: