Hiring A Mapper

I am hiring a mapper since my current one just bailed on me! Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I need an edit of downtown_v4c, there is a vmf online so no need to decompile. I just need some changes to improve fps and to make it exciting again! I am willing to pay well for experience, just post and I will contact you.

How much we talking here?

Show me past work please? I base it on that and time.

By any chance was there recently same request?
Are you the same guy or his alt?

I might be going crazy but I am 100% sure there was recently another user creating such request and asking to decompile downtown_v4c and optimize it.


I knew I am not going crazy!

What makes you think this time it will work out? :v:

I will say same thing as in that thread.

Look at my recent threads, that’s all you need to see.

There is no maps in your recent threads…


Oh, my bad, must be something wrong with cache in browser for me as thread wasn’t listed on your threads.
Nice btw.

-snip-, still looking for someone

My work- http://www.valentinb.com/

Worked with source since 2005. Currently working with Ue4.

How much do you offer?

I can possibly do this, but you might want to get permision to decompile and use it…

If its okay, I am more than glad to help out.