Hiring a Modeler

Not sure im blind or not but didn’t see a hiring section. Hiring a modeler for a rather big job I need quite a lot of re-skins and custom models made for me. I am paying, price will depend on the deal we set up. http://steamcommunity.com/id/AnarchyZeroes/

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Im looking for someone quite experienced. Someone who can make detailed zombie and survivor models for my Garrys mod RP server. I am paying a few LUA coders and mapers to create a custom gamemode for me and I need a modeler to do quite a lot of modeling for me. The main part as said before is infected characters and survivors but the models can also range from items and usable props. We’ll talk over what you’re willing to do and decide price on your quality, speed and how many you are willing to do. Im not a kid I’ll pay fair prices but I dislike blunt prices I like negotiation.


If I were You Id set up a lot more info, such as what the job is, a set default price with further negotiation. so we can see how much your actually willing to pay, and if its for a game/mod/rpsever link to what you have done currently with examples.

Updated with a little more Info.

Well, I know I’m good enough for props. What kinds do you need? LUA is a little out of my league unfortunately.

Are you good enough for Player models aswell?

Player models, alas not. Those are unfortunately out of my league. I can try though, I know a few tricks.

If you’re looking for a lot of custom playermodels, you better hope you have the money


Um having someone make a model and then rig it as a player model is not cheap

they take a long time dude, even at like minimum wage you’d be looking at hundreds of dollars

Lucky me, I don’t normally start from scratch, since I have a couple premade bodies already, or can find them.

If I only got paid 30$ for modeling a organic model and converting it to a playermodel I better just claim bankruptcy and live in ohio. if your paying a guy to do like 40 models, then maybe that price is ok… sorta… not really, but normal price would be more like 80$-120$

also if your modeling off bodies that aren’t yours or default models, then that 30$ price tag is more fitting. but if your doing stuff with mudbox/zbrush, then get the check ready.

Thats kinda why I usually stick to props and weapons and things like that.

even props would be like 30+ dollars IF you’re being really nice about it

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or if you’re not confident in your work

Depending on the props and how much work I was supposed to do with them, anywhere from a dollar per to 10. Pistols, knives, rifles, etc. are fairly easy so long as there is someone who can texture them after I am done with em.

I’d really question what a 1-10$ prop looks like…

a picture of that prop on a double-sided plane?

ahaha yess
this is what you get for 1$-10$ dollars


Thats a .50 cent prop. This is a $9 prop, from my scale.