Hiring a playermodel creator !

I’m looking for a player model of a ncr trooper, ncr officer,a ranger,decanus and a legionary.
The reward is between 50 USD and 70 USD.
It depends on how fast you’re done and and how well they are made.
(those are from fallout nv btw =D)

Someone already made them so how do i close this thread =D

Why don’t you check around the forums first or maybe even check Garrysmod.org before you request again.

I cant find any thread where i can hire a player model creator.
And garrys mod.org only has npcs of the models i want

If they are NPC,s you can usually turn them into playermodels just by adding the necessary additions to the player lua files.

I’m not good in lua Dx

I can probably do it. What’s your steam name?


taking money for ported stuff, not something someone should do

I need those playermodels soon D:

Or rather, you WANT them soon. Just stay patient and it will be done soon enough. In the meantime, why not try to learn how to do this on your own for future reference? It would definitely come in handy in the future if you need to have something like this done again in the future.

I promised my friend that i would have them in november xD
Cause we are creating a fallout nv darkrp.

I see. Well in that case, you will still have to be patient if you are wanting to wait for someone else to assist you. Either that or, as I stated in my last post, you could try to learn how to do this on your own while you wait. I did that while I was waiting for some help with converting a world model in CS:S from one weapon slot to another, I took the time to learn how and now I can do it on my own.

Besides, you can’t really pay someone else for ported content. It would be like you stealing one of the works of Shakespeare and claiming it to be your own and getting paid for it.

Why is everyone always in such a rush with this RP stuff?

Someone already made them xD