Hiring Flood Mod coder

I have/am starting a flood mod server in Australia. Yes it is have/am because I have installed it however it is not working, and I am not a coder. If anyone is willing to help, and improve the servers flood mod I will pay 50% of sales for the first 5 months. Obviously the better you make it, the more money you will get.

Thank you!

What are you selling that the coder is going to be getting 50% of? You are not a business.

Wrong section.

Selling Admin/Donator and extra privileges. Maybe other things such as an investing idea I had with a friend.

You can’t sell donator as its a donation. And giving out admin for money is fucking stupid.

Obviously I can’t sell donator but the money made from that can go towards it, and it’s my choice what I do with the server? Either ask to help, suggest an idea or please don’t post.

No, you’re right. It is entirely your choice when it comes to selling admin. However, I hope you understand your server will probably go in the dump within the first five admin sales you hand out.

Maybe so, however that is your opinion and is irrelevant to the original post.

Selling admin has always been considered disastrous and stupid, don’t be blinded by greed.

Making money of a server is far from easy, and if you make that your primary goal your server will never get off the ground.
Focus first and foremost on developing a good player experience(something which is practically impossible with moronic admins, unavoidable if it’s purchasable). Add custom content that attracts players, rather than offering something that can already be found elsewhere.
And if you’re going to be restricting content to donors, then only restrict custom content(that you or one of your developers have created), not existing or downloadable content(e.g. PAC).

Thank you Deruu for the advice, I will take it on board and I am not being sarcastic. Also an admin can /lock this I found a coder.

I could be the ideas guy.