Hiring LUA Coder for a Dark RP Server

First off, I would like to state that I have no idea how to code anything in any way, so by accepting this job, you would pretty much be taking over this entire server (and I would pay you for doing exactly that). Payment can be talked over later, but for now I am going to state my problems. (Don’t do it, I know what you were going to post to that.)

  1. The PhysGun isn’t functioning properly. This is to state that it is not freezing props. I know how to fix this, but am afraid to attempt it without educated people to back me up when it will most likely backfire.

  2. I would not like to use ASSMod, but my community manager stated that we needed to. If somebody useful could help with not using this, and only using ULX, that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Having issues with making jobs appear on the F4 menu. The icons won’t appear, yet I think the job commands work. (Will have to discuss this in further detail later)

Other than that, there are no big problems, though I’m sure they will arise. In accepting this, you would agree to be on this full time (there will be leeway to this) and to not abandon the project.

Note that there are 3 other coders working on this (one of them has not coded in awhile, therefore I need one more). They are all fairly experienced, and I assure you they are a joy to work with as long as you aren’t a total douchebag.

For more information, Send me a message or add me on Steam via forgottenmelody (added as Hell.On.Earth). I will be on alot during the day, but cannot be on all the time as I have a life.

Thank you for wasting your time reading this and I hope that it finds you with financial benefit via Me.

ULX is bad, don’t use that. And I think it’s just your version of DarkRP. Try getting another version.

It’s not so much that I need help with the specifics, I am mainly just needing to hire somebody as a coder, but the forum requires specific reasons, I also know ULX is bad, but I prefer to use it, and ASSMod is even worse.

ASSMod is better than ULX, imo.

What do you need done, exactly?

3. Check your shared.lua for errors. It’s something with the jobs.

Assmod is a very quick, easy menu to work with, and you can easily install plugins.

OT (On Topic), There’s nothing that requires “Advanced” scripting. What you’re trying to do is some of the easiest things that even a non scripter can learn how to do.

As stated above, DarkRP is extremely easy to modify.


So you shouldnt really be using any Lua coders.

You always need LUA Coders, I am really completely clueless on how to do any of this, while completely realizing how easy it is. I realize this isn’t incredibly advanced scripting, and I will probably switch to ASSMod, although I like ULX Better.

Still havent really explained what you need the


coders to do.

I think he just wants a general coder to help maintain the server and help with any problems that arise.

Where can i sign up?

Are you even a good coder?

OP is banned

Are you? Mr. I take 6 Months to learn

I might be interested, but it depends on loads of things :stuck_out_tongue:

You can add me though.

I didn’t say i was good. Imo im going to be good, its taken me 2 weeks and i can pretty much take apart the darkrp gamemode and make many editions.
(Its not much but… 2 weeks, not even coding that much anyway)

How about you show us a scripted weapon and possibly a entity youve created yourself :V

How about you leave him alone, does he really have to prove himself?