Hiring Lua Coder To Fix Tool

Hey guys I’m thinking of hiring a good lua coder to make this tool work 100% on gmod 13. The tool Smart Welder can be found here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=18508
Exactly What I Want Done
I want this tool to have all features of this addon to work 100% without any lua errors. I would just like a small addition to the tool where you can change the colors of the selected props.
How Much Will I pay
I plan on paying only $5 for this because its really not much to ask for.
How I want it done
I would want the coder to finish it then have me test it to make sure it works perfectly. Then I’ll pay. I don’t want to get scammed and pay before it gets made.

Please consider. Thanks

You need to make a post in the “Lua Scripter Hire/Recruitment Thread V3”.

oh. Lock this I guess then

Will get locked once a administrator sees this.