Hiring Lua Coder to Fix Up Perp 3.5

Paying for a one time fix. Paying only if prices are good.
Needed Knowledge Includes

  • MySQL Experience
  • PERP Experience
  • Advanced Lua Coding
  • Ability to fix Lua Code
  • Wolfie

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Started off good

In other words you will only pay people will low quotes


In other words someone who can read Lua and know what things do?

Everyone says this

You just said 3 things that are the same

a random link helps us all

Never sign your posts

On topic, I know someone who can do this for you

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Well it was nice knowing you Op … pitty you missed the hire thread.

I got a Coder, Thanks on who tried to help!

I can make it say “hello world”. For a price though.

all good points… honestly i know this is going to sound mean and everything but perp is stupid and crap and almost always broken. its very rare that you will find someone who will help fix it.

my advice is to learn how to fix it so you dont need to ask other people :slight_smile:

3 People signed up on fixing it.

Please /close this btw. It’s all resolved.

one does not simply fix perp…