What I Want

  1. Custom entities for DarkRP [Metal, Wood, Pickaxe, Car Pieces, Gun Pieces, Gun Powder (I will explain what these entities do)]

  2. The entities (wood, metal, etc…) will be used to make cars/guns.

  3. SNPCS That sell some of those entites

  4. I need the Jobs edited but so that there are a couple different industries and there are jobs that you choose from in those industries

Time Frame
I really don’t care how long it takes. Maybe a couple weeks/months.

Payment Method
$50 - 75 Paypal.

Steam: [SBH] Meep
Facepunch: acommentator.

Why did you post in the recruitment thread and your own thread?

What he said.

Hire thread.

That’s a lot of money for a few entities

Well, the entities are kinda complicated

You need to add more details, it’s not clear that you probably want just entities. You’d need a crafting/item system to go along with it too. There are so many other things that these items will need to interact with.

What I would like is for there to be entities, like metal, that you could mine from some places on the map using a pickaxe. one you hit it maybe 5 times with the pickaxe it turns into metal. Metal can be then made into the TDMCars. Same with guns. I want it to be sort of like perp.

Knew PERP would be mentioned, nobody will do this if you are aiming for PERP. You must also find some models for everything you need, not the coder.

I have selected all the models, TF2 Strangely has everything im looking for. Anyway, im not aiming for perp. I am aiming for a darkrp where there are different industries and those industries do different things. If all work then the economy thrives. The difference between what I want and PERP is that I want it so that people have to mine/dig the metal, not buy it.

WOW 75 for this O_O If I knew a bit more about Lua I would do it for 5


You’ve got alot ahead of you, DarkRP is usually thrived by little kids who don’t want to RP. You are also getting closer and closer to a GangwarsRP rip off every second. Then again, if you’re willing to pay I’m sure some coder will set you up with a nice, shiny chunk of unusable code (not on the coders part).

And use the hire thread.

Why wont it be usable :tinfoil:

You won’t use it to it’s potential most likely.