Hiring Lua Scripter

I have started a new gaming community and have a few Gmod Servers.

Need a Lua Scripter to create a Jailbreak Game Mode
A Pointshop that can be linked between my Servers.
A donation Plugin to allow users to purchase points in-game and spend them on Hats, Models, and Trails.
Allow Users to Buy Groups/Ranks In-game.
Also i would like ULX module to respawn players and also would like if anyway possible to link up ULX bans to Sourcebans.

I realize that some of this stuff might be impossible, but i would like if most of it can be done.


I will PAY.

Email me At [EMAIL=“Gamingtuts1013@gmail.com”]Gamingtuts1013@gmail.com or Pm me on steam.

No i will not send this money through any other methods than Paypal. I will pay in payments when certain goals have been met.

Steam Name: Bluemoon554

None of it is impossible, but I highly doubt any coder will do it around here without being paid A LOT of money. This would take a lot of time to finish.

Oh yeah, go check out the hire a lua coder thread.