[Hiring Mapper] Dishonored styled map

Nevermind then.

1st, please post references when make requests of any kind, even if it’s of something that’s well known.

2nd, in the happenstance that someone actually agrees to work on the map, what exactly would your role be in its development? (Please don’t say ‘ideas guy’.)

You don’t even specify what type of map you want, besides “looking like Dishonored”

What exactly are you aiming for? RP? Posing and machinimia? Trouble in Terrorist Town? A new gamemode?

Similar as in textures, art style, architure, setting what?

The mappers then descended down on the OP, ripping him a new one.

the man had a wish
he cried out to the keepers of his world to fulfill his wish
the keepers descended from the heavens to rest before him, and said to him: “punk fuk u dint even describe your wish better than u did be slap and be quit”
and as quickly as they came, they vanished, leaving the man’s wish stuffed firmly up his arsehole

This made my day.

Here we go again :v:

user must also not understand the mapping section yet

I’ve mapped before, I am pro at sharp edges, thick walls, and high res textures (128x128) I want $200 + a 24 case of beer every day.

If yall got an issue with someone requesting a map just leave it be, if nobody is interested it will drift to the bottom of the forum. As long as he/she doesn’t make loads of threads or bump their thread nothing wrong with them putting their feelers out. No need to be nobs about it.

lol. It kind of sounds like Mapping for Minecraft.