Hiring modeler

willing to pay and discuss prices later
Madness servers is looking for a modeler to help build a server
Modeler must be about to
-Build nice looking boats and large destroyers
-build a military carrier
-Custom cannons that fit on destroyers and carrier
more to be announced
If you are interested please contact either myself at camohaven@yahoo.com or steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/haven153579/
Or contact my friend at mr_tall_92@hotmail.com / steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/madtanker/

an oil rig?
Come on, oil rig would be modelling + mapping in my opinion. You can’t build any good detailed oil rig using 25 collision models segments. You could get oil rig as model, though you wouldn’t get any good collision on it. I suggest you map it.

Also " Hiring " usually means paid job. You should post prices you offer. Otherwise no bother to add you and talk.

there fixed it

btw same with military carrier. Would need matter. Or it would be very simple if modeled.

Fifteen dollars.


no the carrier has to be modeled it is actually operated and moved throughout the map

Nobody will do this for $15, or if they do they are mad.

there now its just open for discussion between mad servers and the modeler
thank you

Yeah big difference if a modeller finds out price now or later. If he finds it out later he just wont give model to you.

I’ve seen just people’s ragdolls ranging from $100 to $500 US I believe.

Just go on turbosquid and buy the models you need from there, I seriously doubt anyone would be willing to model anything for less.

Tell me this isn’t for gmod, if it is then I’m sorry but that’s just stupidly overpriced.

No. Just modeling characters in general. I would assume it would be the same for games, just that the model would be lower poly.

Considering it takes many, many hours of hard work (unless it’s ported or reskinned in which case it ranges from five seconds to a few hours depending on effort), no, it’s not.

Freelance game artists charge that and more - yes, that and more - for simple map props.

Price : Quality


$15 : Shit

I’ll do it for £120

I got paid for putting a 3d model of the awesome face emoticon on a kleiner body once. And thats a cylinder with a shitty uv mapping for 30 bucks.

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On FP too