[Hiring] Server Manager - Garry's Mod/CSS

We are a decently large community - http://www.hexgaming.net - and we are mainly on the minecraft side of things. We had some trouble and are now back up and running. We are now looking for a garry’s mod/CSS server manager. We have a large dedicated box(24GB, 1Gbps uplink, sandybridge i7, etc) to support the server. We would focus on the Lua coding and any development for the GMod server, and all development for the CSS server(if any).

What would you, the manager, do for us?

You would…
Populate the server
Recommend needed updates
Have access to change maps
Complete control of the server players/forum rights for your position.
Ex: Choose admins/ban players/etc.

You would receive the chance to run a server which will be backed up by a semi-large community.

Feel free to post in this thread/send me a message regarding any expierence/why you would like to do this. Thanks!

I have 4 years of running a server experience. Can troubleshoot and fix almost anything regarding a server. But I only work for myself. (or for money)

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Although, I’m willing to take a risk. I will try and do this.

Gmod - Sandbox.
Dont be an ass.
If someone tells you to stop, stop.

That is all.

I used to work for sourcehoster.com as technical support, I’ve been hosting servers for a few years now and have thorough experience as far as source servers go. I’m currently hosting a minecraft server for my community and as far as I know I’m doing a good job at managing it. I have a lot of loyal people on my friends list who could populate your server(s) in seconds.

We’re planning on doing a TTT and/or a gamemode. I will send you a PM regarding a sandbox server though.

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Would be interested in meeting some of these people! Throwing you a PM

Hi, I currently own a server hosting company and I primarily run tech support. 99% of my GMod playtime is on TTT. I’d be delighted to help and/or code for it :slight_smile:



… For free? That’s asking for volunteers.


i would love to please

Your website states you have 16gb yet your posts says 24gb.

If you actually read it, it said our MINECRAFT server is running on 16GBs, our box is 24.

Nowhere does it clearly mention Minecraft in the news post. Don’t blame people for not being able to read into vague references to a game.

You’re right, sorry for being short.

Nick add me on steam please I’ve got some great ideas and plans or if you prefer, I can add you :slight_smile:

Hay add me on steam i have a good amount of experience with server hosting on source.
Don’t be fooled by my post count.