Hiring somebody t install Darkrp on my server 10$ reward! =] (with TeamViewer)

Hi guys, I made a dedicated server with my files and I am hiring somebody to install DarkRp on my server please state how much you want me to pay you if you wanna join my server search in “rockran” and it should come up my maximum amount is 10$ and my minimum is $5 if you want any higher for it please PLEASE state it thanks! TEamviewer


If you can’t figure it out yourself, you shouldn’t even be thinking about hosting.

Generally, if you did not add now I’m just not going to help you.

For god sake, I am generally a nice person…but do you not know what google is???

Save your money…

i will do it for you 10$ right ok add me on steam ⊹X-[DF]StrappedC4☢

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but right now my name is [AFk]⊹X-[DF]StrappedC4☢ try both names

I will do it for free :slight_smile:

Also I am hosting it on blue fang solutions which means you cant place folders only files so you need to make new folders so if you want ill pay $15 maximum it may take about 30 minutes to do but if your patient and need money fast or are very kind to do it for free I will be grateful I am just so desperate :slight_smile:

Message me I’m willing to help.

How much do you want me to pay?

You seriously want someone to single-upload 376 files?

You should consider getting a new host.

You mean to tell me they dont have FTP? I’d seriously consider leaving that host.

guys its closed for me XD

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yo i will do it for 10$… so just close it cause i got it I WILL DO IT