[Hiring]Table and Chair Model

I’m working on a big project which is the Garry’s Show, a French YouTube show based on video games news.

And for this show I need 2 custom models which will be a table and some chairs, here’s some pictures of the content I want.

If you want more pictures type “tpmp” or “touche pas a mon poste” on google.

If your interested or want more informations fell free to contact me on Steam or on this thread.

Sorry if there a hire thread for the Modelling forum cause I didn’t noticed any.

I was considering, but then I saw how horrible the chair and table look… you really want that?

Yeah cause I want to make the exact same scene.

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Also if you plan to make it, can you scale the chair and the table to fit with a gmod player that would be great.

Sorry for bumping the thread but I really need a modeller.