His Angels In Black

i’m a little bit rusty, also trying some new things



gm_black as always

It is just beyond me how you edit your pictures from that original, did you capture any other data like zdepth?

More amazing than usual this time

very good

i did use mat_fullbright, an all white scene and black fog to create the layer masks

I’m curious as to where everyone gets these different ground models.
The ones from the Skyrim pack just don’t cut it for anything other than woodland environments or patches of dead earth.

Looks more “90s book cover-y” than it does “in real time” due to the smudgey smoke and painterly sparks, I’ll assume that was intentional?

no, it wasn’t intentional. that just means the effects are terrible and i’ve gotten worse than i could’ve thought.

nah its got its charm here


What you consider “terrible” in your works is still leagues above lots of others’. It’s a great piece.

My complaint here is that as you go further in the background the very dark shadows should be slightly brighter/dark gray due to the fog/smoke. I mean the guy in the mid (bold guy with the black axe) his shadow under the two blue vials is too dark. It’s as dark as the two dudes standing in the very right and left which are close up so it makes sense for them to have darker shadows, but that guy in the distance should be slightly brighter (kind of like the shadow of the guy jumping out of the car to the right of him).

Btw, there’s some jaggies, practically not noticeable, but you could try the poster 2 or 3 command and shrink it down to remove it if you want to. If that crashes your pc, you might take a risk and take the pic right before you exit gmod.

Pic is wonderful overall though, in particular the contrast of the giant dude right behind the smaller bald dude.