Historic Maps for Gmod!

Hello! As of recent, I have started creating historic maps for Gmod! I have somewhat completed my first map, The Globe Theatre
It’s about 93% done as of right now. I’m considering modding it for a sort of Team Deathmatch map. Here are the images of the current product: http://imgur.com/a/nzw2T#0

I’m also planning on making:

The Coliseum

Aqua Cladia

The Great Pyramids

I am also open to any suggestions that you may have!

If anyone’s willing to help me create these maps, I’m willing to send over the VMFs/Custom Texutres/Whatever you need to work on it.

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You’ll have to excuse me for this post, I am new to Facepunch. I didn’t know there was a mapping forum elsewhere on facepunch.

was thinking this would be about stuff like hugeflatmap, freespace03, and the old GMOW maps :d

THAT’S about 93% done? You need to rethink your percentages and change it to like 10%. Everything is so flat and corners are “not smooth”.