Historically accurate WWII Waffen ϟϟ 1940 - 1944 models for G'Mod?

So I was wondering if anyone has made, or will make accurate models similar to the Enemy Front models in terms of texture quality, and the Iron Front models in terms of customization, of the Waffen ϟϟ from 1940 - 44 with ranks, officers, camo smocks, etc.

I’ve noticed there’s a huge amount of Wehrmacht models, but none of the Waffen ϟϟ. And anyone who knows their history knows that the ϟϟ did quite a bit of fighting too, even against the Wehrmacht in some cases.

If anyone has existing ones, that’d be great. Because the only ones in existence right now are either hl2 - hacks, or the low quality Dod:s models. Which I have a hard time making look good. (I know it’s possibly to make low poly/detail models look good, but it’s really hard to.)

Of course good models take time, and I know and respect that.

If this came off as too pushy or demanding I apologize.

P.S. Since Gmod is shortened from Garry’s Mod shouldn’t it be G’Mod?

Someone made Waffen SS skins for Red Orchestra 2, you could probably use those. I’ll see if I can find the link.

http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1439358 +

is what you’re looking for, the last pack includes a 4k reskin of the solders in the first pack, here’s a preview if you want to see how it looks like :

Looks fantastic as always, hexed I assume? I did some minor hexing of my own for some of the original skins (IE, NCO, Medic, other Officer) in the original pack, so I may need to shift some things around to avoid conflicting models, but I can do that in about 5 mins tops.