History/Favorite Servers

Is the option to add a favorite server disabled? Or am I not clicking in the right spot? I was playing on a server for several hours and tried to log in the next day but the server was not in my history and could not locate it in the unsortable community servers list. Anyone have a similar problem and was able to correct it?

Current workaround until fix/implemented. If you were on that server last type F1 (keyboard key), then net.reconnect.

If you connected to another server, then you’ll need the IP address to the community server you joined last. Once you have it you can type net.connect noting the 255’s would be the numbers from their servers IP.

Hope this helps.

It does, thank you!

or just click the button next to the house looking button it is the net.reconnect in button form.

If it isn’t showing in your History, it means that the server is offline.

What would be useful is to still show offline servers in your History/Favourites, but perhaps make the text darker to indicate they are offline (or some kind of icon).