"Hit It" by Ryu-Gi

I’ve been checking out his Deviant Art page out of curiosity…The dude’s indeed talented for an elf rapist.

But 10 bucks says Zoey gets raped after this in his mind.

Ryu-Gi or not, that’s still pretty good

What is with the purple.

On the DA page he says:

It would be better if it was a mass of zombies, instead of two tanks.

How the fuck is she holding that rifle?

How about with her other arm?

Not really.

How the fuck do you hold guns and shoot at the same time.

Jesus fuck the fuck happened fuck shit ass fuck.

I mean her left arm. Sure a college girl can fire an AK-47 with one hand, but how about the accuracy?

What are you talking about? That picture is terrible.

Horrible rain
Nasty jpeg quality
In game effects used badly
Retarded posing
Crappy, low-res logo
Random broken lighting
Bad bloom

Seriously it sucks. It’s like he saw an Urbanator picture and thought “I’m gonna make a picture just like this” but failed pathetically.

Did anyone else imagine that the picture would be something different with a title like “Hit It” and the posing being done by Ryu-Gi?

No, your mind is dirty.

No it’s not

is there anyway I cab PM him or email him

add to this a fireball that would put an m44 carbine to shame and an ak apparently ejecting overgrown pistol casings from the opposite side to its ejection port (i.e. they are somehow either ejecting through solid steel on the receiver wall or are bouncing off of thin air), and the badly-used mo-blur.

Nope that would be me.

What you talking about - you’ve improved loads since you first started.

Basically, what Chesty said. Colours don’t make sense at all. How does purple convey any emotions here at all? Rain is way too simple, muzzleflash is pretty lame and the posing is questionable.

Just saying im copying you :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude why are you even posting this? That’s not your pic, he stopped posting here for a reason and you don’t have any right to post without his permission. We don’t care who it was made by, if he wants it posted, let him do it by himself.