Hit marker and sound.

In the old Rust if you hit someone with a gun or bow there would be a hit marker and a notification sound that you hit them. These sounds were very satisfying and they let you know you hit the player even from a distance. Is there any chance something like that might be added to the new version of Rust?

I always liked that too. I’m not die hard either way, but I think I’d prefer it.

i don’t really like it because i feel it breaks the immersion a little giving you the ability to tell if a bullet has hit someone you can barely see. that said, i used to love the splat of a headshot, it was very satisfying. so maybe just adding that back, but not hitmarkers would be nice:)

Agree what mrknifey say… only Headschot Sound …

If you are going to add headshot, might as well add everything.

not sure i agree brex. i would just have the sound play on a hs kill, and since a headshot will typically kill you in a single shot, it doesn’t give you any advantage. if you have it occur on any impact, you can take pot-shots at people from 200m and adjust according to the presence of hitmarkers.

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