Hit Markers and End Round Music not playing

Hey, I run a TTT server - which I just did a reinstall of. I copied many of the addons and lua across, off of a backup. However several of them (mainly the two titled) are not working anymore.

Firstly I am using CervixDestroyer’s End Round Music (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125659070). The lua file itself is placed in lua/autorun/server and the sound files are directly inside /sound. The sounds are also in the FastDL. I have moved the lua file to lua/autorun to no avail. Additionally there are no errors either client side or server side. When people connect they download the sounds. As this has suddenly stopped working I am unsure on what steps to take next.

Secondly on the Hit Markers side, that is also placed within lua/autorun/server. I have tried putting it in lua/autorun to no avail. Again no errors client or server side.

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First off, you should be extracting them.
Second of, if you extract them you should put them in individual folders inside of addons, not mix them with the games default files.
Third, are you sure NO errors appear on the server/client console?

Just following the instructions, which was to put them in lua/autorun/server

Yeah, look in my console, asked players, and went on the web console for the server

I see. Pardon me, i thought this was a different addon.

I think I may know why this is happening. If you enter that lua file you may find a code that has a few BroadcastLua functions and some resource.AddFile functions as well. Have you edited the “yourmusic.whatever” parameter in any of them?
Also, don’t just check for Lua errors, on the clients console, when the round ends try checking for red errors that say something about sound files, like, “sound/whatever.mp3 can’t be found on the disk” or something like that.
Which means the client doesn’t have downloaded the Lua files.

But, whatsover I recommend you using instead this one, which you can instead put a bunch of sound files in the configuration file, and the addon will randomly choose one as the round ends, displaying as well the author of the song and the title if you specify one.
Plus, it already does everything automatically as running “resource.AddFile” automatically for each one of your sound files.

Haven’t messed with anything, and no one finds those errors.

I will use that one and report back if I have any issues. Thanks.

Also I deleted the hit markers addon and completely re added it, but I am now getting this error

[ERROR] lua/autorun/sv_hitdamagenumbers.lua:3: attempt to call field 'AddNetworkString' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - lua/autorun/sv_hitdamagenumbers.lua:3

This is the first 6 lines of code


util.AddNetworkString( "hdn_initPly" )
util.AddNetworkString( "hdn_spawn" )
util.AddNetworkString( "hdn_refreshColours" )
util.AddNetworkString( "hdn_forceToggleOn" )

You’re running it on both the client and server. You need to be running it on just the server by putting the file in “/lua/autorun/server/”.

I deleted the “cl_hitdamagenumbers.lua” from /lua/autorun/client which pulled a different error. Readded the file and it started working.