hit me up with a good wallpaper

post ur screenshots or photoshopped shit here that would make a good wallpaper, my screen is 1200 x 1650

Couldn’t your monitor just compress your images?

[sp]Didn’t make it[/sp]

1200 x 1650? That’s a strange resolution.

Can’t you just find VMan’s or Chesty’s edits and pull them on your screen or something.

there are others out there then them that make good wallpaper pictures.


Sorry for the grammar nazism, but I had to read through that sentence three times to figure it out.

Yes, obviously there’s others out there too.

It’s not like there’s billions of humans out there in the world all capable of making something artistic.

Just saying.

I have been using this one since I made it.

Your resolution is weird so I won’t resize it.

Well, shit. This is the small version.

Pm me for 1650x1050 if you want it.

You dolt, I meant that actually post content in this section.