Hit menu

Ok ok i know your gona say ahh it suck blablabla but lisen i need help it the place for it :slight_smile:

Okay so i have a darkRp server (YES I KNOW) i need a tab in the f4 menu on what people can put hit on other person head, when they put the hit it take the money the put on the head out of there pocket. Every time someone make a hit there is a message that apperes in every hitman chat box whitch says:** A new hit is advalable go check the hit menu**…

So that the hitman can go and accept the hit… when the hit is done he gets the money and in every one chatbox it said: <players name> done a hit and killed <killed guys name> he then get <amount of the hit> (so that there is no RDM)

Also if it possible to put an option for admin to ban someone from doing hits (for the spammers…)

If someone can do this or know a link to something like that it would be awesome i am waiting for your awnsers :slight_smile:


First of all, please fix your English, to me, the second paragraph was barely readable at all.

So you’re asking for an addon that allows players to set bounties (if that’s how you spell it) on other players with an adjustable amount of money from their wallet?

Sorry for the spelling :frowning: and yes it pretty much that. If the addon can be placed in the F4 menu of darkrp it would be awesome!

So can any one do it?? or it impossible…

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